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Resurrection's middle school students are students enrolled in grades 6 through 8. All students at Resurrection, especially middle school students, are held to high expectations. We expect students to be actively involved in their education, participating in class, completing homework, and taking initiative. Students are also expected to meet behavior expectations. 


Students continue to receive instruction in all core subject areas, as well as specials. Middle school teachers are certified to teach specific subject areas and to provide specialized instruction. In non-COVID times, students switch between classes.


Like students in PK-5, middle school students also receive support from the Resource Teacher, Enrichment Coordinator, Math Coordinator, STREAM Coordinator, Title I Teachers, English as a Second Language (ESOL) Teacher, and Reading Coordinator. 

Above: Mrs. Turner explains what students study in middle school science at Resurrection Catholic School.

Leadership Opportunities

As the leaders of the school, middle school students are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Examples include helping with morning announcements, delivering lunches to the preschool, and raising and lowering the flag. 

8th Grade Students

A student's eighth-grade year includes a number of special events and experiences. This includes:

  • Working with their Kindergarten buddies

  • Serving as the leader of a Saint Community

  • The Sacrament of Confirmation 

  • Participating in the 8th grade and Confirmation retreat 

  • Presentation of Achievement Project: Why I Should Graduate 

  • Formal breakfast and award ceremony 

  • Graduation Mass and ceremony 

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